My experience in Sorrento…



I signed up for Erasmus to be able to work on the “Women’s Empowerment” project and also because this project offered me the opportunity to travel and thus meet new people from other countries, their cultures, their traditions …, enrich my English vocabulary because Most of the trip I had to speak English.
I had not expected to be chosen for the first trip, which was in Italy, where in addition to being able to make new friends and have fun, we also had to do meetings, activities that are focused on gender equality. In addition, we were planning possible activities that will be done on the following trips.
My experience so far has been very good and I hope it continues to be so.
I recommend that people who want to join this project do so only if they are convinced that they want and can work both individually and as a team, that they commit to attend meetings and participate in all the tasks that the project entails. All this effort will allow teachers to choose you for one of the trips.


My experience in Italy was one of the best that I’ve had, It was very special and unforgettable. It was a great opportunity to visit a lot of places which I’ve never been and to meet new friends. However, the best thing of this travel was meet my partner and chat with him a lot of times. I hope he could come here in September to Know Spain and to see him.


At first I was very ervous because I had never been on this types of trips andd I didn´t know if I was going to be comfortable with the family and talking everyday in English with the rest of the guys.

When I arrived there, I was really good with the family and we understood each others well when we talked in English. We did different types of activities and we traveked and had a good time. This experience was one of the best ones in my life, it is very challenging and nourishing. I have met a lot of new people that I can consider my friends and that I am close to.  What builds a person is the experiences that has lived, and this has really been a great one.